Friday, 15 February 2008

And In The End, The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make

Well this is it, dear readers (yes, both of you). If you have come here looking for Ribbed For Your Pleasure, I am sorry to say the time has come to close that particular part of my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed baring some fairly intimate parts of my soul to you, and have appreciated your support, comments and encouragement.

But like all good things, you have to know when to stop. And with my page visit count at an all time high in January, I think that means now.

I hope you have enjoyed my irreverence and passion for life, and that the character who was Donnie Mountjoy has at least sparked your interest in this big brown land called Australia.

Be kind to each other, and never forget to tell the ones you cherish that you love them.




FranIAm said...

Mountjoy! Did you know I just wrote a post wondering what was up with you??? Please read the comments- Pissed In NYC could not leave a comment here but she says something at my place.

Oh dear, I am so sorry to see you leave the 'sphere.

Do what you must but you will be greatly missed. You had a unique eye and a tremendous wit. Plus I loved how you loved your family in the posts about them.

Should you ever wish to write a few words and not have a blog of my own, you can be a guest blogger at FranIam any time!

Peace to you brother.

Kevin said...

Awwww, top of your form! I respect that as much as I will miss you.

Don't be a stranger, you will always have a voice at MPS.

Your pal,


Jayne said...

I'm fed up enough, now I see you're unplugging the blogging keyboard - buggrit!
Take care Donnie. Your blog has been a pleasure to read & you will be missed.
Hambagahle (go well)

jewgirl said...

Mountjoy, ribbed for your pleasure, you can't go. Are you really leaving? no way. Oh, you will be missed, child, you really will. Your irreverence is unique.

I am a bluejew.

please take care of yourself, child.

you're really breaking up with us?

I mean, we're having true closure?

I hate good-bye's.

okay, here goes, bye, mountjoy. GOOD LUCK. Take care, be well and thanks for the good times.

FranIAm said...

I keep coming back thinking I must have misread this.

Apparently not.

I miss you already.

actonb said...

Be well Donnie.

Kaisa said...


Thursday's Child said...

We will miss you Donnie. Best wishes!

Distributorcap said...

late again
but always time to say adios matey

may life take in ALL good directions and dont be a stranger

you will be sorely missed

Ms Smack said...

Take Care

Tanya Espanya said...

Oh,boy! Hope you're fine. Stay well.
Missing you, crushing you.

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone, Donnie Mountjoy?

I hope you'll keep coming around in comments and you know where to reach me via email.

We'll always have our cooling towers......


Beth said...

Donnie, we hardly knew ye.

And we'll miss ye!

Mone said...

I wish you all the best!!!

GT said...

See ya Donnie

commander other said...

shit. i hope it wasn't because i blogrolled you last month.

but, yeah, go fig.

wishing you the very best.

Utah Savage said...

Another Australian blogger gives it up. What the hell? I've seen your great comments all over the place at the very best bloggers sites. And now that I finally found you you've gone? WTF?

tabz said...

what does behind the back of your eyes???

Anonymous said...

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