Monday, 17 March 2014

Sympathy For The Devil

L'Wren Scott: Painted It Black.

I cannot fathom the pain that someone would feel if their partner took their own life.  Like a separation, magnified 10,000 times perhaps? Therefore, my thoughts go out to Mick Jagger, who has travelled halfway around the world to be told over dinner on his first evening in Perth that his long term girlfriend, L'Wren Scott has apparently committed suicide.

You could forgive Jagger for now having an utter hatred of Perth forever, with the association this city must now carry for him. Not only that, but of course many years ago (1969), his then girlfriend Marianne Faithful overdosed in Sydney and was in a coma for six days.  He'd almost have a reason never to come back to our big brown land, wouldn't he?